Outpatient After Care Support

Outpatient After Care Support - Giving you the support you need to continue healing

Continuing Care
Before every client completes our program they are provided with a Continuing Care Plan. We believe that transitioning from treatment into the real world needs to happen smoothly. The stressors of the outside world and triggers that exist can seem daunting without some sort of plan in place. Here at The Bridges Network we offer several solutions to those moving out of full time treatment. Sometimes for clients, more accountability is necessary when transitioning so we recommend one of our sober living homes. However, some we recommend IOP only. It is really on a case by case basis determined by the specific needs of each client.

The Bridges Network Alumni Program
Here at The Bridges Network we believe that in order to continue living a sober, productive life, addicts and alcoholics must share the message of recovery to those also struggling with addiction. Our Alumni Program allows former clients the opportunity to share their story with those still in treatment, and (once secure in their sobriety) invites alumni to come back to participate in morning groups and stay connected. We think that supporting our Alumni and continuing to offer them growth opportunities is imperative in early sobriety. Not only are we encouraging spiritual growth but financial and independent growth as well.

If you have any questions regarding The Bridges Network Alumni Program please call (928) 515-2373.