About The Bridges Network

A Community of Recovery

The Bridges Network is a licensed treatment center in the State of Arizona and offers Behavioral Health & Addiction Services to Men and Women, 18 years or older. Adjusting to life sober is a process we take great care in.

Looking for a treatment center can be hard when you are struggling with addiction. Here at The Bridges Network we offer a safe and caring environment with staff that understands what you are going through. With a treatment team that is made up of almost all addicts and alcoholics, staff has clear view of what is needed to get sober and what is needed to stay sober. The first part of that journey is separating from the drugs and alcohol. No longer do you have to white-knuckle withdrawal symptoms home alone, transition safely while surrounded by clients and staff there for support. Separated from Alcohol and Drugs of Addiction, we can teach you the foundation of recovery and help you integrate yourself into the recovery community, and can offer referral to sober living environment. From here, you will get a sponsor, start working the 12 steps, and participate in therapy groups designed to help you process the emotions and behaviors that have exacerbated your addiction. The destructive cycle of addiction does not have to last forever; there is a place for you to recover! We believe that working the steps along with receiving therapy for trauma is the best way to ensure long term sobriety. Working the steps allows addicts and alcoholics to let go of resentments and begin to take personal responsibility for their actions. In addition, it helps addicts and alcoholics find a power greater than themselves on whom they can rely. In addiction those suffering exist on the idea that they are in control, that they are their own God. This thinking of self-reliance leads only to more destruction and the addiction cycle continues. Finding a God and realizing how selfishness and self-centeredness affects others is the key to sobriety. As a client works the 12 steps, and gets further along in their sobriety, the change in attitude and maturity will begin. One of the biggest joys for the treatment team here at The Bridges Network is watching the clients transform from children to adults, and see them learn how to have a happy sober life.

Our Mission

To absolutely insist on doing God’s work to compassionately provide a therapeutic 12-step community to those seeking a life in recovery.

  • To create a safe environment where participants can talk, share and work together, with the benefit of close interaction and the comfort of complete anonymity.

  • To provide education and support for those in our programs, as well as the families, friends, and employers who share in their journey towards recovery.

  • To help everyone involved develop a personal commitment and willing responsibility to getting better, increasing the motivation and opportunity to succeed.

  • From start to finish, from initial treatment to ongoing recovery, we will provide a welcoming community of equals, people who have been through the recovery process and understand the challenges you face.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all those suffering from an illness of body, mind and spirit are treated with dignity and respect as they recover from addiction.

Overall, The Bridges Network is a community of recovery, where participants will find the support and guidance needed for a successful transition back to everyday life. We provide structure and accountability to help complement and enhance prescribed continuum of care programs. Designed and directed by people who have been there, The Bridges Network provides support without question, guidance without judgment and acceptance without reservation.

The Bridges Staff

Roy F. Thomas / Founder and CEO
Eric Andrews, BHT / Asst. Director to the CEO
Alan Brozik, MA, LPC / Clinical Director
Ed Gogek, MD / Medical Director
Barbara Brooks, ND / Health Care Practitioner
Paul Covelli / Admissions
Jason McCoulough / Business Development
Cindy Carroll / Finance Manager
Sharon Klientop / Office Manager
Amanda Fechner / Office Assistant
James O. Thomas, LISAC
Martha McCarthy, MA, BHT
Janet Bontrager, MA, BHT
Jen Kell, MA, BHT
Kyle Lindsay, BHT
Jake Posso, BHT
Hollie Vacha, BHT / Initial Intake
Devon Hendrix, BHT / Outdoor
Christopher Botti
Josh German
Medication Technicians
Krista Smyly
Rex Smyly
Allison Wells
Clinical Laboratory
Zahra Kashi, Phd, HPLC / Laboratory Director
Tamra Townsen / Laboratory Technician
Brittany Richard / UA Technician
Interested in joining our team?
Please contact our Clinical Director, always include resume and inquire within.