Outpatient Drug Rehab Will Change Your Life

Outpatient Drug Rehab Will Change Your Life

Royal Life Centers Outpatient Drug Rehab

Our Outpatient drug rehab program is an excellent fit for anyone who is serious about continuing their recovery in a safe, supportive, and individualized addiction treatment setting. Royal Life Centers outpatient drug rehab is located in Prescott, Arizona and has been providing people in Arizona with caring, compassionate, and proven inpatient drug rehab services since 2008. Our facilities and programs are centered around client centric care utilizing a holistic, well rounded, and individualized approach to healing from addiction and alcoholism.

Guide To Royal Life Centers Outpatient Drug Rehab Program

Outpatient drug rehab programs are an excellent choice for people who are either recently coming from a higher level of care ie. detox or inpatient drug treatment, or for those whose addiction can be addressed adequately at the outpatient level of care. Outpatient drug rehab programs are usually split into three different tiers, and our program is as well. The following tiers to our outpatient drug rehab will help you better understand what you can expect when coming to our program:

  • Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP Outpatient program is a structured, short-term treatment that is a minimum of 6 hours (6) per day, five (5) days per week. Patients in the PHP program leave the program each evening and/or weekends. Treatment is provided by a multidisciplinary treatment team, which includes a psychiatrist.
  • Intensive Out Patient Program or IOP Outpatient treatment a structured, short-term treatment with a combination of individual, group and family therapy, providing a minimum of three (3) hours of treatment per session for either 3-day or 5-day IOP. This treatment is supervised by a licensed mental health professional and/or independently licenses addiction specialist.
  • After completion of the prior two levels of care individuals can utilize our outpatient drug rehab therapy services which includes individual, group and/or family therapy. Treatment includes medication services and 30-90 minutes or more of psychotherapies.

What Types of Addiction Can Outpatient Drug Rehab Help With?

What Kind Of Therapy Can I Expect?

It's important that you are honest with our drug rehab intake specialists about your drug use and history of substance abuse so that we can adequately assess your needs:

Each and every individual's descent into active addiction or alcoholism is unique and different, and we at Royal Life Centers believe in a personalized approach when it comes to your ascent into recovery and a new way of life:

Speak to an Intake Specialist

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Personalized Addiction Treatment

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Assessing Your Rehab Needs

Providing a complete and thorough background on your drug and alcohol usage will ensure that we place you in the right program for you.

While all of our outpatient drug rehabs adhere to the highest level of care, different drugs and substances can have differing affects, and this may effect your specific treatment needs.

Personalized Addiction Treatment

Each person will receive a treatment plan that is custom tailored to their specific goals and needs but there a few therapies and treatments that are available to all. Each individual will receive one on one counseling with a number of different addiction treatment therapists, counselors, and experts.

There are also a number of different group therapies, family-focused treatment options, and many holistic therapies to choose from.

Why Choose Royal Life Centers?

Royal Life Centers is a national leader in the addiction treatment field and operates drug and alcohol treatment centers across the country. We have drug and alcohol treatment centers on the both East & West coast, as well as facilities and programs throughout the United States. While all of our addiction treatment programs adhere to the highest standards of care, there are advantages to attending specific programs. Some people prefer attending one of our facilities that are closer to home, while others prefer to attend a treatment program that is out of state so as to get out a negative environment that may have contributed to drinking or drugging.

Our rehab centers offer men and women a safe, comfortable, and clinically sound environment where anyone can receive the help they need to recover from addiction or alcoholism. Very often finding the right drug rehab center can seem like a daunting task for friends, family members, or loved ones, here are list of things that make Royal Life Centers rehab centers the best choice for you.

  • All of our facilities are nationally certified & accredited. There is a number of certifying bodies and organizations that ensure that rehab centers or addiction treatment programs adhere to certain standards and levels of care. Royal Life Centers consistently surpasses these benchmarks, and we are extremely proud of commitment to delivering the best level of care possible.
  • We take a holisticand individualized approach to treating addiction or alcoholism. We understand that each individual's addiction or alcoholism will have elements of commonality but is ultimately a very personal thing. Similarly, each individual's recovery from drugs and alcohol will be a personalized journey. We work with you to craft a program towards healing that addresses your specific needs, concerns, and goals. 
  • Clients of ours who have gone on to live happy, healthy, and productive lives consistently tell us that one of the things that made such a difference in their recovery was the staff present at Royal Life Centers. When asked what it was about the staff at   Royal Life Centers in particular,  8 out of ten clients responded that the level of care, empathy, and experience that our staff have made all the difference. 

Outpatient Drug Rehab Will Change Your Life

Royal Life Centers Outpatient Programs are All About Changing for the Better

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